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Why are Internships so important?

Integrated as a crucial part of practical training in degree as well as short-term courses, internships offer a wide range of benefits for those aiming to gain real-world exposure in their respective field of interest. Additionally, they facilitate personality development. They are available in various forms be it virtual, full-time, paid or unpaid. Full-time and paid internships are considered to be more advantageous as they give the students an opportunity to earn while working.

Job Thikana, abbreviated as JT is India’s leading Internship platform for interns seeking internships to explore their true potential as they embark their professional career. It is an attempt to help the unemployed youth to learn, adapt and implement job specific skills through training alongwith on-the-job training. Internships are a powerful tool for improving employability through learning by practically doing it and learning while earning.

We are a passion-driven company on a mission to provide students with job-specific skills & practical exposure through internships and trainings. Students will have access to a world full of freedom to choose a career of their choice. A world where your passion will transform into your career. A world where your Skills stand more chances of getting you your dream job more than your degree. Job Thikana believes in brining your dream into a reality.

Job Thikana foresees a productive workforce and an overall socioeconomic development through Skill Training.

Earn while your Learn!

Paid Internship in India

For students, internships are tools and resources to develop the professional connections that they don’t have regular access to. Paid internships make that difference. Paid internships are an opportunity to prepare for the future without having to sacrifice the financial stability.

An Internship that will land you your dream job!

Go #VocalforLocal, explore various exciting opportunities in 2021 across various Indian metro cities in various industries. With the post pandemic restoration of organizations, there is a huge requirement for internships across India in numerous sectors. Looking for a paid internship in India! Register now with Job Thikana and find the perfect internship for yourself and gain work experiences to enhance your employability. The portal connects students with leading companies in Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile sectors for internship.

Students looking for internships whilst pursuing education can register with the portal and find the best suitable internship opportunities available in India and overseas.

Get opportunities to leading industries by gaining relevant skills, training, and experience through an internship. Explore the exciting internship opportunities in various industries across the country to gain real-life exposure and improve your employability. Register now with Job Thikana to find the perfect internship in the leading companies in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile and other sectors for internship. Find & apply for paid internship jobs at Job Thikana!

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