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Job Thikana an extended arm of Capable Workforce is India’s Leading Online Job & Internship Platforms. Capable Workforce (CWF), an extended arm of CEDP Skill Institute is a platform of opportunities for both job seeker and the job providers. Capable Workforce (CWF) has partnered with companies related to almost each vertical in which CEDP Skill Institute has been providing training and enabled jobs to the students in the respective sectors.

Capable Workforce Private Limited, abbreviated as CWF is a Mumbai-based Manpower Outsourcing private limited organization incorporated on 11 July 2017.

Capable Workforce provides placement services to the candidates looking for a paid internship in various sectors such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile. The company also offers placement assistance to the candidates who have completed their final year of the programme.

Job Thikana, highly competent, experienced and trusted Manpower & Internship consultants are delivering a Highly Skilled & Trained Workforce to our esteemed clients and Employment Opportunities to candidates. Job Thikana, an extended arm of Capable Workforce was first launched as Career Graph in 2013 and was rebranded as Job Thikana in 2017. We are driven by quality from operations to customer services. Our team of highly experienced professionals is passionate to offer end-to-end recruitment solutions. Each team member possesses extensive knowledge and is well-versed with his/her domain and strives to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities.

By 2020 Job Thikana was ready to venture into international recruitment and soon gained popularity. With the operations of the company being handled by the best in the industry and its own expertise in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Automobile &multiple professional sectors, Job Thikana now successfully caters to Domestic & International Placements & Internship Requirements.

Human Resource Services are often ignored when things are functioning smoothly. Not to forget that Human Resource Department plays a critical role in Payroll, Tax Filing, Health Administration, Compliance, Maintaining Data & Supervising Trainings. This becomes a complex process to be dealt in house.

Manpower Services when they are outsourced carry several advantages like

Easy Risk Management
Increased Efficiency
Employee Performance
Organizational Development

Founded by Shaheen Khan & Vasim Shaikh, Job Thikana is the pioneer of Systematic Staffing solutions all across India and Internship solutions across India & Abroad. We have been the preferred talent acquisition partner to leading Indian businesses. We are the trusted consultants, especially for the Indian Professionals. We believe in providing youth the career of their choice and providing companies with highly skilled candidates as per their job requirement.

We have been proudly instrumental in shaping the careers of 18000 + professionals in the last 8 years and providing customized talent solutions across various sectors.

Our Core Values drive our business and consistently make the workforce more result-oriented. Our business approach is in alignment with training and skill development for better employability, entrepreneurship & employment opportunities for the youth.

Our Services

Manpower Outsourcing

Outsource your Manpower for a trustworthy and reliable association. Every organization has its own aim to outsource their recruitment. It could mean getting it aligned as an extension with their own Talent Acquisition team for an immediate requirement or transferring end to end recruitment process to achieve long term hiring goals. Growth comes with a proactive approach and a result-oriented vision. Job Thikana is a combination of best practices from traditional to latest technology driven business that actually transforms the entire Hiring & Recruitment Process. We provide precise details to determine the strategy that actually works well for your time and money.

2020 turned out to be quite a turning point for many organizations across all sectors around the globe. With the migration of workforce from Metro's to home town, the void of workforce to get the business back on track is one of the major challenges for all organizations which depends on a large number of workforce.

Outsourced manpower with simplified and tech enabled Job Thikana Android And Web-based app that helps monitor attendance, and automated billing as per hours of work turns out to be the perfect solution provided by Job Thikana. is the leading Manpower Solutions Provider in India. Owing to our flawless services, we have become a popular choice for meeting the manpower outsourcing requirements of several companies across the nation. We have been serving our esteemed clients for Staffing and Recruitment solutions in Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Automobile & Industrial Safety sectors.

NSDC Training Partners, Government Institutes & College Partnerships

The Maharashtra State Skill Development Societies have now made it a compulsion for all the educational institutions to have an internship based program. Students are being given the marks based on those credit points. They have made multiple options available for admissions. We as an institution build those partnerships and those MOU. We help them have an industry partner thus aligning the internships and jobs. We help them move ahead in their career by getting them the relevant degree and certificate.

Infact, government has now made it compulsory for colleges to provide placements. There are placement services available in the colleges however due to lack of staff and outreach they are not that result-driven. College Partnerships have been a recent intervention. We have been 12 years into services with 1500+ clients, providing opportunities to the candidates in various areas. We associate with the colleges and provide those services especially in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile sectors. We help them get suitable internships, appropriate jobs and the final certification done. This builds credibility to the colleges who provide such opportunities to the candidates.

Placement Services

This is another opportunity where many organisations have been outsourcing their manpower for additional resources which could be temporary. We saw a huge demand for doctors and nurses for over 400 hospitals especially during the pandemic. We provided those for consistently 3 to 4 months. Additionally we provide Operational Support to organizations as we have a strong manpower. This helps them deal with all kinds of operational challenges. Also, we have our in-house IT support. IT makes tracking simplified and easy from On-the-Job Training to Attendance or Placement attendance for everyone. This can also be tracked through GPS.

For Employers

Multiple Employers are looking for paid internship but not looking forward to take the candidates on their payroll. This is exactly where we step in to provide complete manpower solutions. Additionally, a completely functional HR Department needs a highly trained staff and a huge office space. This in turn adds to high back-office expenses. Hence it makes more sense to outsource Manpower services rather than move into a large space. Moreover we help organizations to comply with all the laws and regulations in addition to maintaining company policies and protecting the best interests of the company.

Another benefit is managing Employee Development effectively. Inorder for Employees to comply with the company terms and policies performance management plans are out into action.

We help Employers get temporary staff. This staff acts as an additional resource to the existing staff which helps boost the sales and operations. The Temporary staff learns and adapts the process specific skills which can further be analysed to see if they can be moved from a temporary role to a permanent one. Students get industry exposure by doing the internships. We take up the operations and contracts for these companies. We ensure that these students are head hunted, trained and groomed. They are given the complete workplace training and then sent across to various organizations for the internship.

Your search to a desired & skilled workforce ends here


The job industry is facing a lot of neck to neck competition along with a growing society that demands a highly qualified manpower. Unlike the olden days, today there are multiple & innovative options available, and with the advent of internet, the reach is at a lightning speed. At the same time this process has become easy & user-friendly. Search for a perfect job seeker or a perfect job giver makes both run aimless. This is exactly where Capable Workforce comes in to bridge the gap and connects the Job giver with the Job Seeker. We lend a helping hand to millions of youth hopeful in starting their first job or a career in succession.

Additionally Capable Workforce is a dynamic Job Portal where we invite candidates, employers & institutions to come forward and take our services. The services that we provide are internship & placement. The internships that we provide are of two types. Domestic and International internship. It is usually very difficult to get the first break or the first experience. We usually look out for courses which provide that first entry to that job market. Without an internship, getting into the market is incomplete. Experience makes you valuable. Today, Skill is the highest criteria for your entry or experienced level job. Hence exposure to the industry will help you build that edge. Similarly Pehla internship will help you to build that edge over the market as your Pehla internship offers that kind of an exposure and an entry to the market. Additionally we provide global internships. This gives students an exposure to the global market where they are absorbed by various industries. They are trained and they can enter various departments as trainee and get the right kind of exposure to various roles. This enables them to understand their field of interest. For example a student who takes up internship in the Hospitality industry; there are multiple departments like front office, guest service, food production, steward services etc. A student gets an opportunity to work in all the departments helping them identify which is their career choice. They can then pick up the final job offer in their field of interest. Internships offer extensive training. This enables them to learn in a live environment. They get exposure to the right things at the right place and at the right time.

Also, CWF comes with a vast experience of more than 12 years. They take care of the pehla and dusra job with an international package. Many organizations have developed a lot of trust in us over a period of few years. We have developed a lot of trust in our candidates by just working alongwith them. We have been successful in granting the first and second jobs to our candidates. This way we make the job offers available to the candidates through us.

Our Services
Capable Workforce has tie-ups with various brands like Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Taj Hotels, TATA Motors, Nissan, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki and more in India and other countries like UAE, Singapore, European countries, and other international locations.Through our strong collaborative network with Industries partners related to different sectors, we have placed 18000+ candidates nationally and internationally at reputed organizations in various sectors including Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile Capable Workforce offers:

  • Paid Internship in Healthcare Sector
  • Home Healthcare Placement
  • International Placement in Hotel Management, Healthcare and Automobile
  • Paid Internship in Automobile Sector
For Candidates – Your search to a perfect job ends here

Our Directors

We make concerted and consolidated efforts to place students at top industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile. The team actively provides assistance to our students through all stages of their careers from getting an internship, to getting a permanent job. Students placed at reputed organizations in India as well as overseas are proudly rendering their services efficiently.

Ms. Shaheen Khan

Ms. Shaheen Khan

Capable Workforce (CWF) has partnered with companies related to almost each vertical in which CEDP Skill Institute has been providing training and enabled jobs to the students in the respective sectors. The team is very much part of the student’s journey of internship to the placements. In the span of 8 years, 18000+ students are well placed in the leading companies in India and abroad through us

Mr. Vasim Shaikh

Mr. Vasim Shaikh

Capable Workforce (CWF) has partnered with companies related to almost each vertical in which CEDP Skill Institute has been providing training and enabled jobs to the students in the respective sectors. The team is very much part of the student’s journey of internship to the placements. In the span of 4 years, more than 5000 students are well placed in the leading companies in India and abroad through our placement cell.