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Staff Nurses - Client Of Capable Work Force

Date Posted: Apr 02, 2021
Monthly Salary: 15000 INR - 30000 INR

Job Description

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General / Role Specific

  • Undertake both routine and specially identified tasks for which the post holder has been trained and assessed as competent
  • Ensure proper disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE as per local and national guidelines 
  • Confirm the identity of the client, check they are happy to proceed with vaccination. Address any additional questions or refer back to the registered health care professional as appropriate
  • Ensure that the client is comfortable, offer seat if necessary, encourage them to relax their arm and make sure they are in the most appropriate position to receive the vaccine
  • Administer the vaccine via the intra muscular route (either client’s upper arm - deltoid muscle or anterio lateral aspect of the thigh if indicated) in accordance with training and local and national protocol, procedures and standards
  • Immediately observe client’s reaction and if appropriate, direct people to the registered healthcare professional or post vaccination observation area
  • Be able to respond to and raise issues or concerns with the registered health care professional, supervisor on complications or emergency situations, such as anaphylaxis
  • Once the vaccination is delivered, dispose clinical and non-clinical waste in bins provided at the station and ensure surfaces are wiped down
  • Wear adequate PPE equipment in line with current national guidelines. Conduct hand hygiene, either alcohol hand gel or hand washing according to guidance before and after each vaccination
  • Respond to queries appropriately and liaise with the registered nurse supervisor where necessary to gain further advice or information

Responsibilities for patient care

  • Administration of the vaccine to already consented and assessed individuals
  • Assess the client’s readiness for vaccination
  • Address any concerns and ensure consent and clinical assessment has already taken place
  • Check vaccine before administration and report any concerns i.e. about the syringe/needle/dose to the registered nurse supervisor. Cross check that vaccine batch numbers are recorded under the correct client
  • Disposal of syringes and sharps as per the clinical waste policy
  • Take on accountability for administration of the vaccine under the national protocol, once drawn up and clinical assessment carried out including issuing of the vaccine card to client and reminder of second dose if appropriate

Skills Required

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Job Detail

  • Location
    , Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Company
  • Type
    Full Time/Permanent
  • Shift
  • Career Level
    Mid Level & Senior Level
  • Positions
  • Experience
    6 Months
  • Gender
    No Preference
  • Degree
  • Apply Before
    Dec 31, 2021

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